Brochures and Art Cards

Brück & Sohn publishes many regional items featuring places in Saxony. In our range of products, for example, you will find brochures and booklets with photographs of historical towns such as Dresden, Leipzig and Meissen; various Meissen town guides; folding cards with photos; and writing paper with motifs of Dresden and Meissen that are also suitable for printing.

Folding cards with photos of flowers and folding Christmas cards with motifs of Brück & Sohn’s advent calendars are also available.

A speciality of Brück & Sohn,Meissen’s fine arts publishers, are folding cards, folded letters and writing paper with motifs of Meissen porcelain decorations. Here, the flower motifs of Meissen porcelain designs are painted onto paper. The cards are available in various sizes and with various motifs and are offered in attractive gift packaging.

Do you allow yourself the luxury of making your own jam? Brück & Sohn has charming labels for your preserving jars. And, as in days of old, they come away from the glass in water so that a new label can be stuck on to the preserving jar when you make more jam.

Brochures and Art Cards

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