Tina HopperdietzelFoto Tina Hopperdiezel mt

- born on 14th February 1978 in Karl-Marx-Stadt
  (today’s Chemnitz)
- 1996: A-levels at Georgius-Agricola Grammar
  School in Chemnitz
- followed by 3½ years of training at the Meissen
  Porcelain Manufactory to qualify as a porcelain
- August 2003: opened her own studio in Meissen
- since then self-employed as a porcelain designer
  and illustrator
- 2013: joined the Weißer Elefant group of artists

Major fields of activity:

- porcelain serves as the medium for her intricate and fine brush paintings and illustrations
  wall design and mirror construction, table and dining table culture, decor developments
- book design as well as printed products
- teaching and holding workshops in her own studio
- 2003: creation of four different designs for the decoration of the MATCH tableware commissioned
  by the former Freiberger Porcelain Manufactory
- 2006: artistic design of porcelain objects for the Meissen Galerie Berlin / Atelier Porcelain for the
  70th birthday of Bärbel   Thölke / Meissen Porcelain Manufactory
- regular illustrations for Brück & Sohn Fine Arts Publishers in Meissen, among others
- 2015: graphics for the collection of aphorisms “Aus der Schatzkammer des Lebens

Various exhibitions / collaboration, e.g.:

- DesignMesse im Frauenmuseum, Bonn
- Handwerksform, Hannover
- Konvex-Galerie der Konsumgesellschaft, Chemnitz; Galerie Weise, Chemnitz
- München-Grünwald/Nymphenburg
- Stadtmuseum Meissen


Isabell KirmseFoto bearbeitet mt

- born in 1975 in Dresden
- 1991-1995: trained as a porcelain painter at the
   Meissen Porcelain Manufactory
- 1996-1997: gained college entrance certificate;
   studied at the Dresden College for Design
- 1997: studied art under S. Doro and A. Hegewald
- worked with the graphic etching technique with
   B. Voigt; Riesa Efau, a cultural forum in Dresden
- 1997-1998 attended evening school at the Hochschule
   für Grafik und Buchkunst
[Academy of Visual Arts]
   in Leipzig
- 1998-2000 trained in graphic design; MediaAkademie
   in Dresden
- since 2002: artistic work in the field of painting, graphics,
   porcelain and illustration
- 2014: became a member of the Künstlerbund Dresden,
   a society of Dresden artists


- 2016: 2nd Prize and exhibition at the 34th Leipzig Graphics Exchange – Museum for Printing Arts Leipzig
- 2016: „Ways of Looking" – Dresden SMWK (GA)
- 2016: 5th Artists‘ Fair – Dresden
- 2015: „New Works from Dresden Ateliers" – Dresden Villa Eschebach (GA)
- 2015: Participation in the Heise Art Prize – Dessau-Rosslau (GA)
- 2015: Participation in the QQtec – Hilden (GA)
- 2015: Lippert, Stachow & Partner – Dresden (EA)
- 2015: „Darkness and Light" – Dresden (GA)
- 2015: 4th Artists‘ Fair – Dresden
- 2014: Annual exhibition of the Meissen Art Society – Meissen (GA)
- 2014: Nominee for the Heise Art Prize – Dessau-Rosslau (GA)
- 2014: "People in Mind" – Women’s Education and Training Centre in Dresden (EA)
- 2013: “Oh Fir" – Meissen Art Society’s end-of-year exhibition (GA)
- since 2011: participation in the Visual Arts Markets of Meissen and Radebeul

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