Nostalgic advent calendar

Nostalgic advent calendars are another Brück & Sohn speciality.

What is so special about Brück & Sohn’s advent calendars?

Original high-quality oil or acrylic paintings form the basis of the historical advent calendars. Brück & Sohn’s hallmark are the historical town motifs of these calendars: full of fantasy and humour, they are designed with a historical and nostalgic stylishness. The little ‘doors’ are carefully shaped so that they fit perfectly into the architecture and forms of the motif, with the result that even with doors open the calendars retain their stylishness. Behind the doors of the nostalgic advent calendars little pictures are concealed which are also painted in a nostalgic style. These little pictures depict Christmas motifs and special regional features – and most of them lie in the exact place one could expect to find them in reality.

Besides these historical town motifs, Brück & Sohn has advent calendars with a great variety of designs. These include animal motifs, scenes from the Erzgebirge (the Ore Mountains on the Czech border), motifs of people in love, Christian Christmas calendars and many more.

All Brück & Sohn’s advent calendars are based on a particular theme and are excellently suited as gifts.

Nostalgic advent calendar

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